Leggi l’articolo in italiano

Do you have any translator friend?

They can have a quite sensitive mind. They work with words, so they do mind the words and sentences you’ll tell them.

Positive aspect: they’ll be understanding and will give importance to everything you say.
Negative aspect: you can kill them with a few sentences. Or, there are sentences they would kill you for.
Here we go with some of them:

#1 – I’ll do it with Google Translate
If you really want to do without a professional translator, do it. But please, don’t declare it to your friend and never ever ask him/her to ‘just have a look’  at the text you’ve just translated with google ‘just to see if it’s all right’.
First of all because it won’t be all right at all.
Second, because everytime you translate a whole sentence with Google Translate, a professional translator dies.

#2 – I’ll spend a year in London, so I can learn English and become a translator
or #2.1 – I’ll have it translated by my English friend.
Ehm… well… no.
Translating is a technique that requires a lot of devotion! Learning a language is not enough. It’s useful, it’s interesting, it’s amazing. But it’s not enough to do something a translator has been studying for years and years!
Like being blonde and handsome is not enough to be a model.
Like having a strong foot is not enough to be a dancer.

#3 – You translate ‘just’ two languages?
JUST??? How many years did it take you to learn your mother language properly?

#4 – How much?? Well, you’re quite expensive!
The simple fact that someone is a freelance doesn’t mean that his/her job services can be negotiated as if we were talking about a NON JOB.

#5 – How much? I should have become a translator as well.
Yes, you should! You should have studied 2 or 3 languages for 20 years, you should have specialized in no more than 2 of them, you should have translated technical and complex (and boring) subjects in order to find as less competition as possibile, you should have started working as a freelance giving away half of your income in taxes while people like you ask a translation to someone with no experience or to Google just to pay less.
You should, but you didn’t! How come?

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